Friday, September 26, 2008

Amazon 4-for-3 Paperback Book Deal

Do you Like Sci-Fi books? Or other Genre paperback books?

Check out Amazon's 4 for 3 deal! The "4-for-3 Books Store" is full of good books.

You get Free Shipping(over $25) and in most States you pay no Tax.

They update the list with new books every month.

I order about every 2 months, I sort by date and work backwards.

One of the nice things about ordering from Amazon, when you open a page for a book, they'll tell you at the top of the page if you already bought it from them.

Some Hints:

1) Place an Order with 4 6.99 books in one order and then Order with 4 7.99 books in another order, this way you max out the discount.

And you can make an Order with 8 7.99 books and get 2 free. Etc..

2) If you see a paperback "pre-order" add it to your cart. Then go to the cart and under the book title, click on "save for later".

When the book is released, you'll see it listed as "In Stock" under the book title in the 'saved' list in the your Cart. Then add the 'In Stock" book to the cart. :-)

For example, I about 74 items saved :-) mostly pre-orders, but also some hardcover books.

I leave the hardcover books for later, then when Amazon drops the price, you'll get a notice at the top of the cart as the prices change.

3) You can mix/match Genre to get the 4-for-3 deal.

A nice site: Fantastic Fiction - GREAT site for Fiction books. I find the site useful to find books by the same author. Or other books from authors whom I'm not read before.


greytfriend said...

Thanks for the info! The Fantastic Fiction site is really interesting. I'm enjoying seeing what books my favorite authors recommend.

Eric S. said...

Thanks for the info. I love finding new ways to save money on books.


Dan Leone said...

Hello! It is fun to read your blog after reading your bits of wisdom on Plurk!

I have a quick question for you. I love this 4/3 deal. I have really gotten away from science fiction over the years. I tended to gravitate toward "Hard SciFi" and avoided most of the serial space opera stuff. So, actually two questions:

1. Do you have a list of authors that you would recommend that would qualify as Hard SciFi?

2. For a complete fantasy n00b, what would you recommend as a good intro to fantasy series?

Thanks so much, NH for you time. I am scouring the rest of your blog now.


(danleone on plurk and practically everywhere else)