Monday, October 19, 2009

Google Wave - How to add a video to a Wave

First, create a new wave or create a reply inside a wave.

Then enter the text you wish to use for a URL link.

Select the text you just entered and click on the 'link' button in the edit bar at the top of the wave.

Now paste/type in a video link(for example a youtube link) and click insert link.

You will see a light bulb icon next to the link you just created.

Click on the light bulb icon, a pop up to embed a video will appear

Click on "Embed Video" and the video will load into your wave.


robmc said...

thanks for that works great now to get Google wave working with twitter


tmax said...

Thank you..Working smoothly...Google wave is Awesome! said...

You rock balls! Thanx a mil!