Monday, October 19, 2009

More Fun Google Wave iPhone "stuff"

More fun with Google Wave on the iPhone (followup to the blog post "Using Google Wave from your iPhone")

Pings on the iPhone.

If you are "pinged" in Google Wave, you will see a "pop up" appear when you access Google Wave via your iPhone.

A "ping" is like getting an IM message, but done via Google Wave.

If you look closely at the URL in the photo above, you will see it has a "https" at the front of the URL (, This is because Google Wave is a secure web site. (that is a good thing)

Note: The "ping" pop up will only appear once per "ping", be it on your computer or iPhone.

Viewing images located inside a Wave on the iPhone.

Image viewing in Google Wave on the iPhone works, but it is only good for a quick review. The iPhone screen is a bit too small to show good image detail via Google Wave.

First you scroll to the bottom of a "wave" and click on the button "Images", the screen will dim, now scroll to the top of the "wave". You will see a box which allows you to "View as slide show" the images contained within the "wave" you are currently viewing.

After you select "View as slide show" Google Wave will load the images and display a slide show or you to scroll through them.

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