Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Plurk and Twitter

First let me start by saying, I love using Plurk! Together with friends we have created a wonderful community on Plurk. But, there is a problem, No Official API with which we could have some Wonderful third party tools to access Plurk. There are a couple of iPhone apps and some failed web apps/Blackberry apps.

A moblie web page does exist for Plurk, but it's just not a great way to access Plurk.

I created a Plurk account on June 1st 2008 and never looked back. I basically stopped using Twitter after I created my Plurk account. (My Twitter account was created in April '07)

Why? Friend KDFrawg said it best last year in his blog post: Twitter and Plurk, Announcements and Conversations.

Then something happened in March/April 2009, I got tired of carrying a backpack to work every morning and back home every night. Why was I carrying this bag? It was to tote my notebook back and forth from home to work and work to home. I used the notebook to listen to podcasts/steaming radio/audio books and best of all to access Plurk, it gave me a solid 2hours a day with which to connect to friends.

I noticed a plug for a Standard earphone on my Blackberry. So I looked on the net and found some apps for the Blackberry which would let me listen to streaming audio and I was able load mp3 music to the Blackberry via the 8gb mem card I had placed into it. I then found out about Blackberry apps for twitter. (yes, I know iPhone does all this, but the Blackberry was 'free')

I noticed a number of Plurk friends where using twitter in much the same way we used Plurk.

I then started every morning using the Blackberry to 'tweet' with the friends and using Twitter like an 'off-line' Plurk.

It's been a busy time at work but, I noticed you could run Tweetdeck and get notices when a "tweet" came in. So I created a group in Tweetdeck of my known Plurk friends, which allowed me to keep updated with them while I worked. I was still using Plurk, but found it easier to keep up with Plurk friends via Tweetdeck.

I started tweeting on #followfriday all of the Plurk friend friends I had found/friended on twitter. Doing so with the hope we could grow the community on twitter as we have on Plurk.

So after a few months of getting back into using Twitter, I see how we have turned twitter from just a "notice" site into a bit of what we have on Plurk with just a different interface.

Maybe Twitter is our Plurk App?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

twitter still failing. Neat.

Here we are in June '09, you would have thought Twitter would have gotten past this point.


Free Music from Amazon

Amazon sometimes prices albums and singles for Free. Here is a list of some of them.


Romantic Moments Digital Sampler

Free Albums:

Ropeadope Label Sampler

World Music Network Amazon Sampler

6 Picks - Essential Radio Hits Sampler

Now Hear This -Discover New Music - Rock

Now Hear This - Discover New Music - Pop

A Walking Oliver Sampler) by Paul Austin Kelly

Umcg Spring Sampler

(Worn & Grazed) - A Park the Van Sampler

Dead Oceans 2008/2009 Sampler

Stax Sampler for Amazon

Shanachie - Cool Urban Jazz

Emo Is Awesome Emo Is Evil 2

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Delicious Vinyl Sampler

Be On The Lookout!

Savoy Jazz 2009 Free Sampler

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Gigantic Music Sampler

X5 Free Sampler - Jazz

(Sub Pop) - Amazon Sample

Barsuk Records - 2009 Amazon Digital Sampler

Free Singles

(Mama) - by Holly Williams

(She Loves Everybody) by Chester French

(Seasons) by The Veer Union

(Maybe California) by Tori Amos

("Deja Vu") by Strange Attractor

(Ssshhhh) by Hess Is More

(The Key) by Speech Debelle

(Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C.) (Sheep in Shepherds Clothing) by Anti-Flag

(The Drawing Board) by The Features

(Hey Fella, Ya Fell) by Other Girls

(Waiting For The Night To Come) by Mundy

(I Got Blues For You) by The Homemade Jamz Blues Band

(Don't Tempt Me) by Todd Snider

This list in no way includes all of the free music on Amazon, but it gives a good jumping in place to find even more.