Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Zatz Not Funny. . .?Blog Archive ? TiVo Wireless Adapter Review & Raffle: "High tech home entertainment! Featured on Wired, MSNBC, BBC, and slashdot.

Zatz Not Funny. . .

January 8, 2006
TiVo Wireless Adapter Review & Raffle
Filed under: PVR / DVR ? Dave Zatz @ 10:26 am
Let me get this out the way first? Yes, it?s significantly faster than your typical wireless adapter. How fast, you ask? 60% faster! Now your mileage will vary depending on your current TiVo hardware, network hardware, and network configuration. Having said that I tested TiVoToGo (TTG) using different TiVo models against various adapters and the results were generally about 60% faster.
The adapter itself is solidly constructed. The base is brushed silver metal with enough heft and a non-skid rubber backing to stay put. The design is clever in elevating the antenna for increased reception. That antenna portion of the adapter is dark grey plastic with a TiVo logo and looks nice next to my TiVo units and furniture. Lastly, the adapter is bundled with a light grey USB cable, as it doesn?t hang directly off the back of the unit. At fifty bucks, the price is comparable to most wireless adapters. I can?t image TiVo is making any money off this thing given the smart design, solid construction, and next generation wireless chip. For the moment, TiVo?s online store is the only place to purchase one.

My advice? if you already have adapters meeting your needs, there?s no reason to upgrade. Those of us who frequently use TTG will queue up transfers overnight or while at work ? so the bump in speed isn?t such a big deal. Additionally, any adapter is sufficient to pull in guide data and networking features such as Yahoo!
There are a few reasons to consider purchasing the custom adapter"