Friday, October 23, 2009

Google's Open Source Chromium Browser Updaters for OS/X and Windows

(Google Chrome's Open Source Version)

Using Google Wave, I've finally found a reason to use Chromium for more than a few minutes a day. But, a big issue with using it, Keeping it up to date.

I found a few tools which can help keep Chromium up to date with the latest version.

First the Mac OS/X updater. This come from TechCrunch, you can read about it on their site.

Direct download link for TechCrunch's Mac Chromium Updater .

Next up, the Windows OS updater. It comes from tlokzz, a nice easy/fast Chromium Updater.

It has built in download manager and auto installer. The Chromium Updater download is a RAR file. If you do not have a program to extract RAR files, 7-Zip is a great Open Source program to use.

Note: You can also directly download the latest Chromium Build here

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