Sunday, September 07, 2008

Google Chrome: Google Chrome Xchrome Theme Manager

Google Chrome Xchrome Theme Manager - forum post/download

Taken from the post:

Install Instructions:

1) Download the .zip file.
2) Extract the files to a folder
3) Run Xchrome.exe (it adds some entries to the registry for Paths to Xchrome files)
4) Execute any theme.exe built within Xchromes theme builder (Xchrome doesn’t need to be running)

Please note that Xchrome Theme Manager uses certain process like file copying, registry editing etc, which makes Antivirus to believe it as Virus.

Xchrome is still in beta stages hence there is no error handling is done, many new features are going to get added in future.

List of features of Xchrome Google Theme Manager

- Automates the Installation of Google Chrome themes
- One place to download and install Google Chrome themes
- Lets you to Edit and build Google Chrome Themes
- List all Google Chrome installed Theme with preview and theme author details
- Theme Installer makes Chrome theme installation one single step process
- Theme Maker to create your own custom Google Chrome Themes

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DJShotty said...

Here is a link to Google XChrome Theme Manager V3 installer

This link was working at the time of post.