Sunday, September 07, 2008

Google Chrome: Block Ads with Privoxy

Good way to Block ads in Google Chrome:

Privoxy is a small web proxy that runs locally.

It has the ability to ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk.

1. Download Privoxy
2. Install it
3. Setup Google chrome’s proxy options as follows:

Click on the wrench in the upper right corner, then click on Options->Under the hood->Change proxy settings->Lan Settings

Check the box next to  “Use a proxy server for your LAN”

Then click on the "Advanced" Button

Add proxy address; port 8118 for http and secure.

Privoxy Quickstart

Privoxy F.A.Q.

Privoxy Quickstart

Privoxy User Manual

*Note: This will set a proxy for IE also. If you already have a proxy setup, you will not be able to use this.

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