Thursday, September 18, 2008

How to Block a Plurker who is not a friend

This the URL below:

where XXXX is the avatar number of the plurk you wish to block

Avatar number? you ask?

To get the 'uid' (Avatar) number of a plurker; copy their avatar picture location URL and then paste to URL and you'll see a #; that # is the number you want.

That is called the 'uid', put that number in place of the XXXX, then copy/paste the URL to your address bar, press enter and BAM and you'll block the plurker.

Example; copy your own photo location url and paste to your plurk box, you'll see the url/xxx-medium.gif, you want that number.

Now; a problem, What if the plurker has a 'clown face', no problem.

If you do the steps above and you get this:

Here is how you get this plurker's 'uid' number

1) Open the plurkers profile page in plurk

2) View the source code for that page; for example in firefox, click on top menubar "view", then click on the menu choice "page source".

This will display the code for that plurkers profile page.

3) do a text search for the following:

var GLOBAL = {"page_user": {"page_title": "", "uid"

After "uid", you will see ": XXXXX" where "XXXXX" is a set of numbers, that set of numbers is the "uid" number you need to use to block the plurker.

4) use the url with the 'uid' number to block the plurker

Hope this helps

Update via @highdef

If the plurker has commented on a plurk in your timeline, you can block him/her via his/her dropdown box. But only from within your own timeline

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Radioactive Jam said...

Thanks. Helps to be proactive if needed.