Sunday, October 05, 2008

The BBS Documentary - Parts 1-8 (MUST WATCH)

The BBS Documentary - Parts 1-8

Want to see a bit of Computer History?

Want to see what online life was like before the internet?

Want to learn how online communities started?

Want to see the people whom helped to make it happen?

It's long, but well worth the time, everyone should see it at least once.

Watch this:

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TheNerd said...

I've watched this documentary before and it's excellent. I wish I had been into computers at this time period. That's when all the good stuff happened.

Baxter Tocher said...

Thanks, Nethead - this looks great! I haven't sen it before. I've passed the link on to a friend who used to run a BBS when I first went online with FidoNet.