Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nethead's Recommended Google Chrome Extensions

A list of some of the Google Chrome Extensions I have found useful:

AdBlock - Great for blocking all those ads

Browser Button for AdBlock - Adds a button to AdBlock, some like, some don't

Tynt Blocker - Allows the user to prevent from recording copy/paste events from sites that use Tynt's tracer script

Chrome Pig - Google mail checker, Mouse gestures, Allow right click and select text and image, Dictionary search, Open URL in IE browser, Screenshot webpage, Change desktop wallpaper, Fill login form, Youtube lyrics search and repeat play, Change webpage style and block flash/image, Translate webpage, Docs viewer and more

The Tracktor - Amazon Price Tracker - Access The Tracktor Amazon price data from within Chrome

Session Buddy - Flexible Chrome Session Management

Forecastfox Weather - View current conditions, 7-day forecast, maps and severe weather alerts

WOT - Web of Trust is a safe browsing tool, which warns you about risky sites that cheat customers, deliver malware or send spam. AFter you install it, just click the 'next' box, then close the 'account' box. You don't need to create an account.

Click&Clean - Deletes your browsing history, typed URLs, Flash cookies

FlashBlock - FlashBlock for Chrome. Block them all, or be selective with the embedded whitelist manager

Tab Menu - Select, close, rearrange, and search your tabs from a toolbar menu

Webpage Screenshot - Fast&Simple solution to Save & Share & Print & Edit screenshots of any webpage. Capture to PNG/JPG drawing tools, and sharing features

Google Mail Checker Plus - Gives a popup like Outlook when new email arrives; works with Google Apps

SearchPreview for Google - preview images (thumbnails) to your Google search results

Email this page (by Google) - adds an email button to the toolbar which allows you to email the page link using your default mail client or Gmail

RePlurk Chrome - After installation, a "RePlurk" button will be added inside the Plurk message box. Clicking on the "RePlurk" to repost the Plurk you're viewing.

PlurkMate - adds a button to your browser toolbar. It displays the number of unread messages in your Plurk timeline and update every 3 minutes.

RPlurkSmileys - More Plurk Smiles

Download the Latest Google Chrome Dev channel build

Using this post as a way to create a collection, until Google creates "collections" like we have at Mozilla; My collection at Mozilla: Nethead's Recommended Addons for Firefox.

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Brent Jones said...

Nice list. Pick the 4 that you use the most. I am using Chrome as my default browser, IE and Firefox rarely.