Friday, May 29, 2009

CSS Sites

A friend, TopSurf ask about some CSS sites, so I thought I'd put together as list of sites I've used/use to help out learning and coding CSS.

Learning CSS
- a very nice comprehensive resource

Cascading Style Sheets and Dreamweaver CSS Reference Sites - another very nice comprehensive resource

CSS from the Ground Up

CSS Reference

CSS selectors

CSS Layout Techniques

Free CSS Templates

CSS Zen Garden

Site Reference Forum - HTML/CSS Help

Position is Everything - CSS Positioning / good info on what doesn't work in which browsers and More

There are many many more out there on web, hope this helps out

1 comment:

TopSurf said...

This is all kinds of awesome. I can't thank you enough. I plan on being self taught in all things CSS by the end of the weekend. This will help me greatly. :)