Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A "Thank You to Plurkville"

The Community we have created in Plurk goes beyond what was originality thought of as Plurk and has pushed the limits.

We have created something from nothing, may it continue to live online and offline in the real world.

Using Plurk we have:

Seen the warmth given when Plurkers are not well.

Seen Plurkers travel and visiting other Plurkers.

Learning from other Plurkers.

The sending of Christmas Cards between Plurkers.

Learning about different foods and recipes.

Enjoying nights of Plurktalk; when Plurkers get together to talk with each other, even getting to see Plurkers via the webcams.

Thank You for the time and support you have given to our fellow Plurkers.

Without You there would be no Community, without the Community, we are just twitter sideways and nobody wants that.

Thank You Plurkville for being a wonderful place.


Maggie said...

Awww, nethead - that's nice!! I'm such a terrible plurk lurker... not much of a very good friend. But, I do enjoy visiting your timeline daily!! Happy holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you nethead for this wonderful post!!

pritcharddesign said...

There's nothing like it, nethead! Glad we've met up there!! ((hugs))

Charlie said...

so true :) LOL xc