Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Nice Plurk sites or sites which can be used with plurk:

some cool emoticons

Sites by Plurkers:

PlurkSkins by Plurker AZJazzyJ

Plurkiverse by Plurker kdfrawg

Plurkable by Plurker bloggeries

Plurkpix by Plurker martinbogo

My Pleeps by Plurker thoughtwrong

Plurkular by Plurker miketempleton

Plurkmania by Plurker knorcedger

Plurl by Plurker mahadewa

PlurkDev by Plurker mahadewa

Plurkerati by Plurker mahadewa

Plurkk by Plurker bakla

Plurktionary by Plurker DaisyOlsen

Plurkingpoppa by Plurker plurkingpoppa

Other sites:

Plurk Themes

tinypic - upload/resizing pics for plurk - compress that URL

stumbleupon plurk group

pikchur - send pictures to plurk via sms/email - code "legendofping"


Plurker friend SHurleyHall has a very nice list of Plurk sites

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tere616 said...

Wow, nice sites. I think my addicted to plurk are going crazy, especially after read your list of sites :-D