Friday, July 18, 2008

Well, I awoke at 5am to find that Plurk was still down from the 4am EDT update.

Checked back at 6:15; still down.
Checked back at 6:30 still down.
Checked back at 7:00 still down.
Checked back at 7:30 still down.
Checked back at 8:00 still down.

Hoping their servers come back...maybe a ploy by the T ppl...

Well, as least I have my friends in the pic above to look at. :)


HighDef said...

There are people all over the planet suffering serious Plurk withdrawal symptoms this morning, Fred. :P

Anonymous said...

Did we kill Plurk with our youtube music? :-(

I substituted Pandora this morning, but I miss my Plurk friends!

If any of you are reading this, have the best Plurkless morning you can! :-)

L-B said...

Actually, I'm not anonymous. I'm LBinVA who hit the wrong dot.

Nethead said...

Miss you guys :)

Thanks for stopping in :)

2:43PM and Plurk is still MIA what the??? the better be the 'big' day they talked about last friday (LOL)

Nethead said...


I'm Nethead~~~~%%%%Plurk on AIM(IM) ;)

removed the ~~~~
and the %%%%